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As a leading distributor of Byrd Tool products, the goal of the Byrd Tool Experts company is to make the quality and craftsmanship the Byrd Tool available to a worldwide audience.  Byrd Tool Experts has a dedicated local team located within one mile of the Byrd Tool factory to provide our customers with exceptional support, training, tutorial videos and the best customer service for every order.

The founders of Byrd Tool Experts grew up in Leitchfield, KY – where Byrd Tool is based and does all of its manufacturing.  Growing up in a small rural community like Leitchfield it was hard not to know the legacy of the Byrd family, and the quality of the Shelix Head that they invented.

The Byrd Tool Company was always a well known business in our small town, but not everyone recognized the gem hidden behind the simple factory exterior of the Byrd Tool factory. Through a combination of cutting edge mathematical design, and a passion for their work, the Byrd family revolutionized the wood working industry when they invented the  Byrd Tool Shelix Cutterhead.

We have grown to love their family personally, and have a deep appreciation for the quality of their craftsmanship and ingenuity of their design.  

It is with great honor and pride that we bring their product line to you here at Byrd Tool Experts.

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