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SHELIX Cutterhead for POWERMATIC 20″ Planer, P 221 (Belt Drive)


This SHELIX head features 8 wings of knives with a total of 160 knives. Additional replacement knives can be ordered along.
Please note: The manufacturer of this machine has used two different cutter heads over the years. Before you can order a SHELIX head for your machine, you must determine what cutter head has been used in your machine. Amongst several differences, there are two major differences that are fairly easy to recognize:
Shaft diameter: 1-3/8″, Overall length of head (including shafts): 30.750″ – Use version A
Shaft diameter: 1-11/16″, Overall length of head (including shafts): 32.375″ – Use version B
If you are unsure and/or wish to verify all differences mentioned above, please click the button above that reads “Ask a question about this product”. We will be happy to e-mail you the drawings of these two cutter heads.
Important: The SHELIX head offered here is for belt driven machines. If you have a model 221 that is Direct Drive, please order from this link.

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