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The Byrd Tool Shelix
for Dewalt DW735 PLANERS

Turn your Dewalt DW-735 planer into a professional grade machine with the Shelix Helical Head



The Byrd family invented the Shelix – a helical shearing head – in 1979 and has been refining the design to perfection over the last four decades.  Often copied by low quality imitators, the Byrd Shelix is the leader in performance.  Here’s how it works:


Low Noise

Tired of having to yell to the person standing next to you while planing or jointing a board?

With the Shelix you won't have to yell anymore. Instead of having the entire length of head making one single cut, you have multiple cuts made the entire cutting circle which greatly decreases the amount of noise produced while cutting.

Low Downtime

When the job counts - downtime is simply not an option. Unlike traditional straight knife planer heads; the SHELIX has a stagger tooth design - and that means less down time for you.
When you knick a blade with a straight knife you either have to deal with it and sand out the line or replaces expensive knives. With the SHLEIX you just replace 1 or 2 inexpensive inserts and you're back on the job.

American Quality

100% made in America in Leitchfield KY, each Shelix is held to the highest standard when it comes to quality.

Every Shelix head is CNC machined from raw steel and goes through hundreds of quality control checks during the production process to ensure quality and performance.

Four Decades of Shelix Engineering

Engineering and experience count.  When Tom Byrd invented the shearing helical head – now known as the SHELIX – it revolutionized the woodworking industry.  Adding a DW735 Shelix to your machine upgrades you to professional level performance.

What do the Pros say?

“It is just crazy how there are not any tearouts – I cannot find any tearouts in my curly maple.  It has longer blade life and better finish than my straight blades – Jay Blates

High Performance / Low Downtime

Performance is all about consistent quality, and eliminating the scrap and downtime created by nicked blades.  Byrd Carbide tips smoothly shear into your wood with precision, and can be changed out in seconds in the event of a nicked blade.


Don’t take our word for it – hear what real world woodworks have to say about the Byrd Tool DW735 Shelix design:

Daryl Dinkel
Kenny Ed
Jim Edwards
Daniel Kaminski
Todd Rine
Tom Huffman
Wallance Bromberg jr


To best fit your needs we offer both a OEM size and an “Easy Install” size DW735 Shelix

The OEM DW735 Shelix

If you select the Original OEM Head Size option, you will need to remove the Byrd KN400 carbide tips that come pre-installed on your head first before you can install your new cutter head.  One your head is installed you can re-attach the carbide inserts to your head.  When installing the Dewalt SHELIX head, the head has to go through a small hole in the machine housing and the Original OEM size head will not fit through with the knives installed.

The "Easy Install" DW735 Shelix

The “Easy Install” Shelix head is 1/8” smaller in diameter to enable you to install the Shelix head without having to remove all 40 knives. The disadvantage is that this will reduce the cutting ability by 1/16”.  

As this machine by default can only remove 1/8” per pass, equipped with this Shelix head, you will only be able to remove about 1/16” per pass. 

Order Shipping Note:

Since April 2020 we have been overrun by demand for DW735 Shelix heads.  Due to extreme demand, the lead time to ship a Shelix order can vary between 24 and 32 weeks.  Our service team will update you immediately following your order with the current lead time.

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