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Shelix cutterheads for almost all models of planers and jointers, dedicated support and install tutorials. Byrd Tool Experts is the number one source for Byrd Tool Shelix planer and jointer heads.

The byrd tool shelix CUTTERhead for
dewalt DW735 Planers

Turn your Dewalt DW-735 planer into a professional grade machine with the Shelix Cutterhead


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Don’t take our word for it – hear what real world woodworks have to say about the Byrd Tool Shelix design:

Worth the money and time

"I use a lot of curly maple and have been frustrated using a straight knife planer. Upgrading to the DeWalt DW735 and adding this cutter head is something I wish I'd done much sooner. The installation is pretty easy and the instructions available on the Byrd website are really detailed and easy to follow."
Steve H
Steve H.

A must have for those who plane wide hard woods on the Dewalt 735

"We noticed that we can hear someone talking with the planner working and it isn't uncomfortable to use without hearing protection anymore. Easy installation following the instructions and watching the videos videos, maybe an hour total for this upgrade. Combine this with the digital thickness scale and you have a power house that cuts to .001 precision."
Jackson Tucker
Jackson Tucker

Need more stars!! Absolutely amazing!!

"I would like to thank Byrd Tool for taking the time to not only produce an absolutely top-notch product but also go the extra mile and have step by step instructions for the installation. The install is complex but straight-forward, with the online instructions. My DW735 is NOTHING like it was before!!! it is AMAZING now!!"
Robert M.
Robert M.
Daryl Dinkel
Kenny Ed
Jim Edwards
Daniel Kaminski
Todd Rine
Tom Huffman
Wallance Bromberg jr
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