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Byrd Tool Experts

SHELIX Cutterhead for CT 8" Jointer, 200


  • Killer Support: 855:567:3250
  • Ships via UPS from Kentucky
  • Never Replace Straight Blades Again 💪

This SHELIX head features 5 wings of knives with a total of 40 knives for installation in the CT 8″ Jointer, 200.  All Shelix orders include at no charge:  Five replacement KN400 carbide inserts, One 1/4” Drive HandleOne T25 Torx Plus Bit.

NOTE!  – We offer two different models of the this head:  The Imperial G8 model and the METRIC G8M model.  Please read below to identify the correct model for your application.

CRITICAL TO ORDERING CORRECTLY:   Deciding between the G8 Imperial Size or the G8M METRIC  head options:

The manufacturer of your machine has changed the design  of the cutter head over the years, and depending on its age your machine will require either an Imperial (inch) G8 head, or a METRIC G8M model head.  BYRD TOOL EXPERTS IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR HEADS THAT ARE ORDERED INCORRECTLY, AND REQUIRES A 25% RESTOCKING FEE TO REPLACE AN INCORRECTLY ORDERED HEAD.

We would hate for you to pay a restocking fee - here is how to correctly measure your head so you order the correct part.

There are two ways you can measure (and we would recommend doing both) to determine which model of Shelix Head is correct for your machine.

Method One:  First, remove your current head from your machine.  You will need an accurate caliper to measure the head once it is removed.  Next, measure the diameter on the end of the shaft on the pulley side.  If the diameter of the shaft is 19mm (0.7480 inches) you will need to order the METRIC G8M Head.  If the measurement of the shaft is 0.75 inches then you will need to order the Imperial G8 Head.

NOTE!!!  The difference between the metric (0.748 inch shaft) and the Imperial (0.75 inch shaft) is only 0.002 inches.  Measure carefully, with an accurate caliper.


Method Two:  The measurement of the keyway on the Metric and the Imperial versions is slightly different.  If your keyway measures 5mm (0.197 inches) order the Metric G8M Head.  If your keyway measures between 0.1875 inches and 0.1895 inches, order the Imperial G8 Head.

When you place your order, please select from the drop down menu above to order the correct model for your application.

Standard lead time to ship once your order is placed averages 8 to 12 weeks but can vary depending on production demand.  For an updated lead time please call us at: (855) 247-4450.

Here is a step by step video showing you how to mark, and measure your head:



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