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SHELIX Cutterhead for DELTA 6" Jointer, 37-220


  • Killer Support: 855:567:3250
  • Ships via UPS from Kentucky
  • Never Replace Straight Blades Again 💪

This SHELIX head comes fully equipped with all necessary knives (actual number of knives being used on this head upon request). Additional replacement knives can be ordered along.
Please note: The machine manufacturer has changed the cutter head in this machine over the years a few times. There are in fact 5 different cutter heads that have been used for the Delta 37-220. Two of them use a shaft diameter of 9/16 and the other three use a shaft diameter of 5/8. In order to find out what SHELIX head you will need, you first must take the following steps:
Please remove the fence and the belt cover on the back of the machine so that the shaft with the pulley and belt is exposed. Next, meassure the diameter of the shaft inside the pulley. If it is 9/16, there is one more difference to be determined and that is the width of they slot in the shaft right inside the pulley. This is either 1/8 (most common) or 3/16.
If you have measure a shaft diameter of 5/8, you will have to take further steps: There are several differences but perhaps, it might be easiest to confirm the overall length of your cutter head including both shafts:
Overall length: 9.155 (most common) : Use version A
Overall length: 9.177 : Use version B
Overall length: 9.125 : Use version C
If you are unsure and also would like to confirm the other differences mentioned above, please click the button above Ask a question about this product to inquire for further information. We will e-mail you the detailed drawings of these cutter heads.

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